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If it hurts baby please don't cry

Preserve my innocence

[[ kristopher ]]
18 July
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Okay, so before I get started, I would just like to say that if you are into Harry Potter, and you have an LJ, then you should go and join sortinghatsays! Why? Because it rocks, that's why. So join sortinghatsays, and find out waht house you belong to!

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AGE: 26
GENDER: ghoul
LOCATION: Michigan
SIGN: cancer
BODY MODS: belly ring, 7 earrings (18g, 20g, 14g, 4g), industrial, nose stud.
FAVORITE BANDS: VAST, dir en grey, mindless self indulgence, the birthday massacre, rasputina, sneaker pimps, massive attack, the dresden dolls, nine inch nails, angelspit, combiechrist, celldewller, marilyn manson, rob zombie, tiesto, and she wants revenge.
FAVORITE FILMS: sweeney todd, groove, party monster, spun, halloween, lost boys, HP 1-5, the cell, devil’s rejects, house of 1,000 corpses, ginger snaps, hellraiser.
FAVORITE BOOKS: lullaby- chuck palanik, disco bloodbath- james st. james, tithe- holly black.
FAVORITE ARTISTS: junko mizuno, fafi, miss von, banksey, andy warhol, dahli.
INTO: boys, girls, blood, anime, manga, asians, bats, skulls, horror movies, candles, snakes, glitter, art, flowers, crystals, DDR, handcuffs, cats, wicca, water, pastel goth, creepy cute, sweet lolita, cyber-futuristic, street art, lemurs, comic books.
MAKES ME HAPPY: DIR EN GREY LIVE!! kitties, puppies, horror movies, sushi, pocky, miyavi, hot shirtless boys covered in blood, plushies, dragons blood incense, full moons, candles, payday, boys in makeup, pretty j-rock boys, new clothes, dancing, city club, DDR, free rounds of laser tag, my two best friends aaren and bonnie, hanging out w/ji in L-building.
MAKES ME SAD: mean people, not getting to see dir en grey live, bad grades, exams, losing friends, being broke, my luck w/men, work.
GETS ME HOT: guys in bands, tattoos, lip piercings, hot shirtless guys covered in blood, handcuffs, leashes, dog collars, miyavi’s voice, kyo’s voice.
I LOST MY VIRGINITY: can i have yours?
FAVORITE SEXUAL POSITION: hmm. s-e-c-r-e-t-e!
FANTASY: too many to list here.

[x] dancing all night at city club.
[x] playing hide and seek.
[x] watching horror movies.
[x] collecting horror movies.
[x] playing in graveyards.
[x] dressing up.
[x] having fun with my friends.
[x] making kandi w/bonnie.
[x] watching indie movies w/jenny.
[x] hanging out w/my favorite guyfriends.
[x] finding amazing new bands.
[x] hanging out w/my younger brother and stepsister.
[x] writing fanfictions.
[x] reading anything that has to do w/vampires.
[x] shopping for new clothes.
[x] perfecting the atmosphere of my room (nicknamed the "blood lounge").
[x] reading manga.
[x] working at michaels.
[x] playing DDR.
[x] laser tagging w/bonnie.
[x] dancing outside in the moonlight.
[x] making clothes.
[x] drawing.
[x] painting.
[x] day trips to the zoo.
[x] hanging out for hours in hookah bars.
[x] acting crazy.
[x] hanging out w/ji in the L-building lounge.

Also known in Gaelic as "Each Uisge" (Water Horse), Kelpies are the guardian spirits of certain rivers, lochs and pools. Their natural form is that of a young horse -- sleek and swift and beautiful, with a shiny coat and flowing mane and tail. Coloration varies by sex. Mares are always foam-white, with pink eyes and muzzles. Stallions may be gray like a storm-tossed sea or as black as the depths of a pool at midnight. Often, they are harnessed in a golden bridle. Yet a master horseman can tell that such a beast has never been broken, by its wild, spirited eyes. Also, if he were to look one of these gift horses in the mouth, he'd notice that the Kelpie possesses teeth similar to a wildcat rather than an equine.
Kelpies can also change shape, adopting the seeming of a man or women (depending on the sex of the horse) of 25 years or so. These human forms are equally attractive. The men are darkly handsome, while the women have fair complexions. Both possess the same deep blue eyes. Some say you can tell a Kelpie in human form by its wet feet, but this could just be a fable....
Encounters with Kelpies most often follow the same pattern. A traveler finds a fine horse grazing quietly by the roadside (near a body of water). The beast seems friendly and docile, and often has a golden bit and bridle. Desirous of the golden bit and/or the fine horse, or simply due to urgent need, the traveler mounts the steed. At this point, an evil Kelpie shows its true nature. The Kelpie rears up, whinnies triumphantly, and gallops towards the nearest body of water, much swifter than any normal horse. The terrified rider discovers he is unable to jump off, as any part of him that was touching the Kelpie is stuck fast. At last, the Kelpie hurdles across the water to the deepest point, and then dives below the waves. The rider is never seen again. Some tales say the rider is borne to the Other Side; other accounts tell of how the Kelpie drowns its victim, then feasts upon its flesh.


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You scored as Raven Fairy. You are the fallen angel of fairies. You look at evil not as a terrible thing, but a necessity for spiritual balance in this world. You are very confident about who you are, and you tend to be rebellious.


Raven Fairy


Twilight Mistress Fairy


Rose Thorn Fairy


Druid Fairy


Ethereal Priestess Fairy




Autumn Fairy


Goddess of the Golden Dawn


Snow Fairy


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